Jobs, Economy, and Taxes

Nevada is in a tough economic spot and families are hurting financially.  We need to keep taxes low so workers have the ability to provide for their families and businesses can create new jobs while keeping the ones they have.  Additionally, with a reasonable tax system, we are better able to encourage businesses to move to Nevada, bringing new jobs to the state and helping us get back on track.

There are too many legislators that want to continue with the same old tax-and-spend policies.  If Nevada's residents are being forced to cut back and spend their money wisely, then the government should do the same.  We still need to provide for essential programs and services, but we must cut back on those that are unproductive or unnecessarily expensive. 


As a teacher, education issues have always been close to my heart - in fact, my students are why I'm running in District 23.  We must improve Nevada's education system so that our children are well-prepared for the future and are given the best chance to succeed in their careers.

Too often, government bureaucrats take important decisions away from teachers and out of schools.  We need to make sure that parents and educators are the ones deciding what is best for students.

We need to hire more teachers so students are given the attention they deserve.  Smaller class sizes means improved performance - students are able to focus better, and teachers are more able to identify students that need a little extra help.

What is certain is that we need to reform the way we handle education matters - we can't just continue to cut the budget, placing the burden of budget cuts on Nevada's students.  We need to operate more efficiently with the money we have, but we must ensure that there is sufficient funding for both K-12 and higher education.  An investment in education now is an investment in our children's future and the future of Nevada.  We have a responsibility to our children to provide the best possible education system that we can. 

Clean, Renewable Energy

Henderson provides a wealth of opportunities for the development of clean and renewable energy production.  Investing in the development of these technologies is not just environmentally sound, but it will create new jobs in a growing market.

Alternative energy technologies like solar power continue to improve each day, and with nearly year-round sunshine, Henderson is the perfect place to capitalize on the possibility to make our city cleaner and more sustainable for the future. 

Keep Henderson Home

Henderson is a beautiful, growing city and I am proud to call it my home.  That's why I am fighting for Henderson in Carson City.  I want to work for to improve the quality of life for Henderson residents and provide opportunities for new homes, parks, and businesses to help grow our community.  I want work with the people of Henderson to revitalize Boulder Highway and East Henderson to ensure that our community as a whole can thrive.  I am committed to working together with you to make sure that it remains a great place to live far into the future. 


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