About Melissa Woodbury
For Assembly District 23

Raised in Boulder City, Melissa Woodbury is a lifetime resident of Southern Nevada.  The oldest daughter of Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury and Rose Woodbury, Melissa has three brothers and three sisters. She and each of her siblings graduated fromBoulder City High School.

Melissa received her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Brigham Young University and earned a Masters degree in Education from Southern Utah University.   

She loves experiencing different cultures and discovering the many treasures the world holds.  This intrigue of new places and people led Melissa to live in France for a year prior to college and study abroad in Israel, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe during her time at BYU.  Additionally, Melissa served a full-time mission in Argentina for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where she became fluent in Spanish.   

Following college, Ms. Woodbury began her teaching career in Clark County.  The majority of her time in the classroom has been spent working with students with special needs.  For the past nine years Melissa has taught at Sue H. Morrow Elementary School where she currently teaches third grade and earlier taught children with autism, working to help them become more independent and functional in everyday situations.  

Melissa has taught bilingual special education, traditional special education as well as traditional elementary classes.  Her experiences working with those who face unique challenges in life and those less fortunate helped shape who Melissa is, and her desire to help improve the lives of others.  She realizes everyone needs a chance to learn and have a caring hand in their lives.

In her time in the legislature, Melissa has fought to protect the critical education funding that students in Nevada deserve.  She has pushed for responsible economic policies to get the economy back on track, ensuring that Nevada is a place where businesses, both large and small, can thrive.

Melissa is a 17-year Henderson resident and is proud to serve Assembly District 23 in the Nevada legislature.  When not with students or family, Melissa enjoys baseball, the outdoors, traveling and musical theater.

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